I am still on a high from our first Film Fiesta at the historic La Posada de Albuquerque and the beautiful KiMo Theatre. What a weekend! The program was top-notch, and well-received by everyone. Our VIP stars were fascinating and generous with their time. It was the best! Please see Susan Turetskyís article detailing the Film Fiesta in this newsletter.
      An undertaking like this does not happen easily. At the Annual Dinner Meeting in April of 1997, it was suggested that the Society sponsor a film festival. The thought of such a huge project was both exciting and terrifying. To respond to the membership, the Society formed a committee to see if, in fact, we could accomplish this featóand we did!
      We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the following members, who worked tirelessly for months. This is the largest group of people who have ever been involved in a single event. Our sincere thanks go to: Harvey Buchalter, Hanora Chase, Marguerite Culp, Bill Feldman, Margrethe Feldman, Sharon Herzog, Doral Hoffberg, Helen Hordes, Stan Hordes, Peggy Leftwich, Lee Leven, Jim Mafchir, Jordon Mellen, aj Melnick, Harold Melnick, Anita Miller, Katya Miller, Ned Miller, A. David Scholder, Holly Scholder, Al Solomon, Susan Turetsky, and Paula Wolf.
      Special thanks for the generous financial support from the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, The Hyman and Marjorie Weinberg Foundation, and Richard Brandt.
      Kudos to Joseph Dispenza, Coordinator of the Film Fiesta, and to Judy Klinger, who supervised all the ushers.
      And I did a little work, too! (editorís note: And how!)

-Claire Grossman

Thanks for the corsage!!

From left to right: Murry Glass, Celeste Holm, Jeremy Kagen and Stanley Hordes.

List of officers and board members


President: Claire Grossman
Vice President: Stanley Hordes
Recording Secretary: Lee Leven
Sylvia LaPan
Corresponding Secretary:
A. David Scholder


Gunther Aron
Fay Blake
Harvey Buchalter
Margrethe Feldman
Steve Gitomer, PhD
Sharon Herzog
Leona Hurst
Shirley Jacobson
Howard Kastner
Norman Kerewsky
Jim Mafchir
Ned Miller
Sharon Niederman
Filmore Rose, Esq., Legal Counsel
Jay Samuels
Henry Tobias, PhD
Marjorie Weinberg-Berman
Paula Hoffman Wolf

Official photographers:
aj and Harold Melnick

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